Habidebit, an organization with a cause, have been formed ironically by a bunch of shopaholics, who have not only enjoyed shopping as therapy but are now moving ahead to educate the society about the value creation behind every rupee they spend… Shopping is the noble cause of fulfilling ones desire and someone else’s stomach. Read More..


Well, the humble beginning was with a thought..


We were also struck with the same question, until we..


Apart from quality brands, we also have a model..


It is designed to make ‘Every consumer feel like the king’..

Is Habidebit just a thought?

Well, the humble beginning was with a thought, but with a team dedicated to bring the best to every shopaholic across India, we are now a physical entity who is striving to get the best of fashion, lifestyle and brands to the most interior parts of India.

Our Skills

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing

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